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That works while you focus on other things.

How gotcha!Stream™ Works

Set Up

It begins with a profile of your business and audit of your website. Working with you we determine the social platforms to stream to. We then install gotcha!Stream™ on your website.

Build Your Stream

Using our search feature, we will enter identified topics and review the resulting influencers and filter them into
your stream.

Curate & Share

gotcha!Stream™ then begins doing its magic and automatically sends up to 1500 article excerpts and posts monthly.

Content curation helps you deliver an improved content marketing strategy that will provide you with reputable and reliable content. This allows you to become a thought leader of your industry without breaking your budget.

gotcha!Stream™ Features

Identifies writers by topic.

Virtually any topic, from science, health, fitness, medical, environmental, construction, manufacturing, technology and much, much more!

Influencer Power Score

Our algorithm rates the creators of topic driven content with an Influencer Power Score enabling you to connect with those who will make an impact.


Creates your custom stream

Up to 1,500 monthly pushes out to your stream!
  • 600 article excerpts

  • 90 LinkedIn posts

  • 150 Google+ posts

  • 150 Facebook posts

  • 600 Tweets

Capture leads using gotcha!Stream! from your website

gotcha!Stream™ comes with a form for your website allowing visitors to sign up for your customized weekly newsletter filled with content from your gotcha!Stream™

Weekly newsletter sent to your list

gotcha!Stream™ creates a weekly newsletter that goes out to email addresses you add and to those captured from the sign up form for your website.

Add your own original content

Add and schedule your original articles and social posts through your gotcha!Stream easy-to-use dashboard.

Provides Analytics

View and analyze gotcha!Stream™ analytics. They provide important metrics such as clicks to your content page, articles, and deep social platform metrics.

Business audit and gotcha!Stream™ set up

Setup of gotcha!Stream™ includes an audit and analysis of your company's presence online, recommendations for improvement, and full set up of your gotcha!Stream™ system

Installation of gotcha!Stream to your site

Our professional team will take care of installing gotcha!Stream™ onto your site. Sit back and relax while we set everything up.

Create 100 valuable backlinks

We will create 100 valuable backlinks, every month, to your stream content helping you show up and rank higher in search. ($1,000 value).

gotcha!Stream™ Benefits

Produce Engaging Content

Curating only the highest quality, most relevant content ensures best engagement with your audience.

Produce Content Consistently

Regular curation helps to increase your publishing frequency without having to rely on the heavy lifting of creating original content.

Produce a Wide Variety of Content

Curating content from a diverse set of sources ensures a variety of both formats and voices.

Save Time and Money

Content curation does not have to be a time-consuming task, and it requires minimal resources in order to reap the benefits.

Close Gaps

Whether the gaps have to do with tactical content production or subject expertise, content curation helps bridge these by integrating additional expert insights and easing the burden of technical and artistic content development.

Improve search engine optimization (SEO)

Curated content becomes indexable pages that provide valuable doorways into your site via search engines.

Establish Credibility as a Thought Leader

Curated content helps you develop go-to-web resources that improve your credibility. It encourages visitors to trust you as the authority on your topic.

Support Lead Generation

Curated content drives incremental site visits that increase the potential for landing quality leads.

Streamline Lead Nurturing

Currated content sent out to leads and customers in an email newsletter and other channels make the nurturing of leads simple and consistent.

Complements Social Media and Blogging

Curated content supplements your social media publishing schedule and helps facilitate social media conversations not only with prospects and customers, but also with peers. Content curation helps you deliver improved content marketing ROI, lower per-lead costs and increase efficiency and credibility, with all the side benefits of a robust content or “inbound” marketing strategy.


of all clicks are represented from curated content on social media.


of the population can be reached through social media.


of people believe that a company that shares content is interested in building quality relationships


of marketers curate content.


of B2B buyers are willing to consider vendor-related content as trustworthy.

When it comes to content marketing, your business needs one tool that can push content to your website automatically and intelligently.

Locate. Curate. Stream.

for only $500/month

Do you want to carve out a strong and consistent brand identity online? gotcha!Stream™ is the solution to drive traffic and increase leads!